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the Kollivaru and the  Jallivaru. caused great trouble  in the
Srisaila region so that the country fell into a state of anareliy.
The people in this region were stricken with fear.     About this
time,  a  certain  Niyogi Brahman  of the name of Gopaluni
Ramappayya   who   was   in   the   service   of  the   Koiiivaruj
developed friendly relations with this Sayappa Xayadu.   When
the Kollivaru came to know of this, they resented his friend-
ship with Sayappa Nayadti and chastised him and kept him
under    custody.     But    Ramappayya    managed    to   escape
from their hands and sought refuge under Sayappa Niiyadu.
After the lapse of some time. Ramappayya submitted  to his
benefactor that instead of wasting his time, he would proceed
to the court of the Sultan Abdulla Kutupa Shah of Golkoi>da
and represent to him his  tę\e., Sayappa Xaviidtfs}  case  and
obtain for him extensive jagirs.    Sayappa Nayadu paid him
for his  passage.    Reaching   Grolkonda,  Ramappayya  stayed
there for five to six months, during which period, he became
acquainted with such great officials as amildars, hummaracs
(itmras) and divans and conducted himself in such a manner as
to obtain their favour.    On one occasion, when the Padahah,
on coming to know of the  depredations of the   Boya  tribes,
the Kollivaru and the Jallivaru, wanted to entrust the task
of subduing  those   Soyas  to   a  proper  man;   Ramappayya
submitted to the Padshah that the Kararna, Sayappa isayadu,
who belonged to a family of able warriors under the   Rayas,
might  be   entrusted  with   the   task.     The   Padshah   passed
orders  accordingly  and  sent Ramappayya with  a body  of
troops   to   aid Sayappa  Nayadu   in   the  destruction  of  the
Boyas.      Ramappayya  returned  to   his  bsnefactor  with  the
body of troops  and the Padshah's parvana entrusting the task
of   subjugating   the  Boyas  to  Sayappa  Nayadu.    Acting in
accordance with the orders, Sayappa Nayadu, ably aided by
Ramappayya, completely brought the Boyas under subjection in
the course of one or two campaigns and placed his garrisons in
the Boya cities.    Accompanied by llanne Pattayya of KavSim,
a rajabandhum (a relation of the chief) and the Velama PipS
Nayadu of Korlukunta, Sayappa Nayadu  proceeded to th<